EU and USA treaty shellfish trade

After 10 years of negotiations, the EU and the US have concluded a treaty on the trade in shellfish, allowing for the export of live bivalve mollusks from the Netherlands and Spain to the United States and from Massachusetts and Washington State to the European Union. This agreement mainly concerns oysters, mussels, cockles and razor clams.

Dutch shellfish traders are delighted to be able to enrich the American plate with fantastic fresh oysters from the Netherlands. The oysters (European flat oysters (Ostrea edulis) and Zeeland creuses oysters (Crassostrea gigas)) grow according to tradition on the bottom in the breeding areas that are characterized by the clean “Class A” waters in the Dutch province of Zeeland. This makes the taste uniquely soft and salty.

These waters have all been designated as European top nature reserve – Natura 2000 – and are partly a national park. Family businesses grow here from generation to generation, combining tradition and innovation. For example, Zeeland creuses oysters are now also grown with innovative techniques on tables and baskets to grow the best creuses for consumers all year round; the packaging traditionally remains in baskets to guarantee the highest quality. The Dutch shellfish traders are also looking forward to delighting the European market with American oysters.

The Dutch growers and traders look forward to meeting you at the Seafood EXPO in Boston from March 13, 14 and 15. They can be found in the Netherlands Pavilion.

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